Hospice - Family Caregiver Information
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AdvisaCare Home Health & Hospice - Family Caregiver Training 

This training is for you, the caregiver, family, loved ones or volunteer working with someone who is facing the end-of life. We recognize what an important and often overwhelming responsibility this can be. This training is designed to assist you with solid knowledge and information, support and resources to help at a most important time.

There are many roles that different friends or family members will play in caring for one who is dying, who may or not be admitted to hospice at the time of this viewing. So you will see that throughout the training we may refer to a caregiver as a volunteer, personal or professional caregiver. They can be inter-changeable here, whatever your role...as you develop the understanding, the knowledge and perspective that you may gain from this training.

Our goal is to support you as best as we possibly can. To that end, we urge you to connect back with us at AdvisaCare Home Health & Hospice. We are glad to be your caring and supportive guide through one of the most important passages we all will face.

Our best to you--
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