Hospice - Volunteer
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Volunteers in hospice find it personally gratifying, intellectually stimulating and emotionally meaningful to assist those in need at a critical point in their lives. Many volunteers are introduced to hospice through their own experience of death with a family member that went through hospice and understand how important the role of the volunteer played in the process. Statistically, about 20% of volunteers are new to hospice.

Volunteers consistently report that helping the terminally ill is not about dying but about living and has been one of the most gratifying and life changing experiences in their own lives.

You need not have special skills to be a volunteer. Usually, being a good listener when dealing with the patient is all that is required. Yet, there may be many other facets of your individual self that benefit the patient. Not all volunteering requires one on one interaction with the patient. It may just be administrative help. We can make the experience fit what you are comfortable with.


AdvisaCare Home Health & Hospice has an easy, online certification program to get you started in your quest to become a hospice volunteer.