Patient Stories
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December 31, 2008
I've been with AdvisaCare for five years. In that time four girls have stayed with me to care for me. They have become like family to me. All of my staff is like family. They take me everywhere I want to go. We go to dinner, shopping, to see my dad who's in a nursing home and out driving around. I feel safe when I'm with them. Sometimes if the weather is bad we will sit at my house and watch movies or sports. AdvisaCare's staff has proven to be experienced and knowledgeable as well as confident and trustworthy. I have confidence in the company as a whole and staff. I know I'm in good hands.

~ J. McCrorey

November 20, 2008
Client said his workers are very good, he wouldn't trade any of them and that they are doing an excellent job. He is very happy with the progress of his leg healing and the doctors were very happy as well. He said the girls are always on time. He said the service from AdvisaCare is great, if something is needed it is taken care of right away, so they don't have to worry about things. There has never been a time he has had to go without help, everyone is there everyday and if someone can't come in then someone else covers so he is never left without an aide.

September 27, 2005
Dear Lorraine, Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by and get things organized for myself and Joe. I'm ever so grateful to you for recommending Jean. She is kind, conscientious, and professional.


J. Selby

August 29, 2005
My wife is a quadriplegic from an auto accident eleven years ago, lives at home and requires round-the-clock care. We have used several staffing agencies over the years for both nurses and CNA's, including AdvisaCare. For the past three years, we have employed AdvisaCare exclusively. A couple of her staff have now been with her for 5 years.

We have found that AdvisaCare people are very professional, sincere, and caring, well trained and dedicated to providing quality client service. It is not every health care agency or staff who can properly work with quadriplegics. AdvisaCare management and staffing coordinators make a total effort to ensure that their home staff fully understand the idiosyncrasies of dealing with a brain injured survivor, especially one who retains most of their mental capacities as does my wife.

My wife and I are most pleased with the services provided by AdvisaCare and highly recommend them. She knows she is getting the level of care she needs, and I feel most comfortable knowing she is also, especially at times when I am away from home.


R. Head.

August 3, 2005
To Whom It May Concern: I am a nurse case manager and have used AdvisaCare services for several years. They have provided home care aides and nursing services for two very difficult long-term cases.

They have been dependable, responsive to client concerns, knowledgeable, ethical and easy to work with. They have also had the difficult task of having to share coverage on a case with another home care agency. This takes good communication and cooperation as scheduling can be very complicated.

I definitely would use AdvisaCare on other cases and refer others to them. I really appreciate all the effort they put forth in caring for my clients.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


D. Parker RN CCM
Senior Rehabilitation Consultant
ParkerShaw PLC

April 29, 2004
Dear Tracey, I am pleased to write this letter of reference for you. Since April of 2001 you have provided reliable and dependable home health aides to us when we have needed additional staff to cover cases. You and your schedulers have been great to work with; responsive to our needs and quickly resolving any problems that have come up, and very few have actually come up.


V. Bauer, RN BS,
Vice President
VNA Home Care